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The trip takes about three hours every way, on the way we´ll enjoy of sailing and watching whales and dolphins, is a unforgettable experience.



Also, we recommend you spend the full day  in La Gomera, because the trip lasts at list six hours, three hours to go and three to return, and if you like to make some extra activities, we can spend the day and return in the afternoon.



Blue Jack  offers you a fantastic trip to La Gomera Island, a jewel of nature. That’s how you will describe this island when you go back home.


You’ll have to make an imaginative effort to find the words to describe its landscapes, especially the green forest formed by species that disappeared in other parts of the world millions of years ago, but which have survived here and will amaze you.



If you choose this tour, while enjoying a wonderful day

at sea, you'll take the opportunity to visit the fantastic Garajonay National Park declared a World Heritage Site

by UNESCO, the highest recognition that can reach a protected natural area.


Garajonay National Park is named after the legend of two lovers, Gara, Princess of La Gomera and Jonay, from Tenerife. The two lovers faced the disapproval of their love from their family, and decided to kill themselves by sticking a wooden spear and jump from the highest peak of the island. 






"Garajonay" consists of a dense forest made up of different plant species, often surrounded by a sea of clouds that gives the forest a magical aspect. These fogs, are intercepted by the forest itself, producing a moisture load which is essential for the survival of a green territory located in an arid island. These type of forests are classified as “laurisilva” forests or “evergreen laurel”, which means a forest of laurels, since most of its component tree species have leaves similar to the laurel. Their existence is possible thanks to the high humidity and the mild temperatures, accompanied by little fluctuations during the year.


Garajonay Park


While having similar characteristics to the rest of the archipelago, the gastronomy of La Gomera has certain peculiarities that are worth knowing and, above all, tasting.

This cuisine shows the essence of those who live in the island and their way of life. Thus, cheese, almogrote (typical sauce from the Island, made with cheese, herbs and usually olive oil), mojos (typical Canarian sauce, rich in flavors, made with different herbs, garlic and oil), sweets, gofio (toasted flour from different cereals, a hallmark in the Canarian kitchen in general), wine or palm honey, represent the original and surprising flavors of the cuisine of our island.


The diversity of landscapes and natural spaces of La Gomera offers tourists the chance to enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities. The contact with nature will allow you to enjoy a dream holyday.

Gomera Bikes

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